• Alles Marmelade, oder was? Marmolada - North Face – 3343m

On a so-called rest day we decided to climb up Marmolada. Nein, not the famous south face which you might think about now, but the north side! 30°C would have been way too hot for the long south face! We parked at lago Fedaia, ignored the cable car (money needs to be saved for ice cream ;)) and hiked up to Rifugio Pian dei Fiacconi we traversed below the glacier,

until the base of the Vernel-glacier where we put on grampons. Along the glacier we met a team from the 1st world war museum digging for old and interesting war stuff. The via ferrate (Hans-Seyfert-Weg) was fun: no snow, tons of metal to guide your way and nice people along the way!

The summit was windy and we could not overcome the temptation to climb the cross!

It’s all about Marmelade, isn’t it?

On the way down we scrambled down the east face along some more cables, jumped across massive crevasses (the glacier is very, very thin and open this year) and we invested the money we saved into Apfelstrudel and Cappucino at the lake Fedaia--- that’s what “by fair means” is all about!

  • Summary: Nice mountain, via ferrate, glacier, scrambling, hiking
  • Facts: Passo Fedaia (2072m)-Rifugio Pian dei Fiacconi (2626m) – Marmoladascharte 2896m – Punta Penia 3343m – down rock and glacier of the east face
  • Material: Ice screws, grampons, ice axes
  • Topo: Hochtouren Ostalpen, E.Schmitt, W. Pusch, Rother Verlag



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