I was born on the 6thof November in 1982 in Schramberg in the beautiful Black Forrest. Being a toddler aged 3 my parents took me 

climbing to the cracks nearby (Battert, Danubian Valley and Palatinate) and I did my first dolomite summit.                                                                                                   WhenI decided to go to university, sportclimbing in the Franconian Switzerland made me move to Bayreuth. This is where I climbed my first 8a in 2005, 8b in 2007 and 8b+ in 2011. Yet, my favorite discipline is alpine multipitching on rock (preferably crack climbing in granite and gneiss) and ice. Next to that, my hobbies are mountaineering, ski touring and physical chemistry in which I have a doctor‘s degree sine 2011. I work for the University of Innsbruck at their Research Institute for Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics where we developed future technologies in technical textiles and functional textiles. 


Me second passion is routesetting in climbing gyms and bouldering gyms. I like the creative side of this work. I enjoy helping people have a good day in the gym with my boulders and routes.


Last but not least, I work as a freelance journalist for various mountaineering magazines, where I pass on my wisdom on topics such as climbing equipment, safety, sustainability and training.

#Berg & Steigen